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Team Tissa

Team Tissa And Empower Network

What is Team Tissa and why should you care?

Well if you have tried to build any online business to make some money online, then you have probably realized how hard it is to do all it take by yourself. It can be done sure, but it will take you longer and cost you more. If you really want to succeed fast, find a good supporting team that really works together and have a leadership that you can duplicate and leverage from.

Team Tissa has all that and SO MUCH more.

Team Tissa

First the leadership:

Team Tissa is founded by Tissa Godavitarne, a great internet marketer, totally honest and tranparent. He is a leader that goes further than anyone else I have seen to help you succeed. Tissa Goditarne say what he do and do what he say. I have been doing internet marketing since around 2005 and got to know Tissa in 2008 and have been working with him since in different business´s and I know good leadership when I see it. So take my word for it, if you want the creme de la creme of  leadership. Team up with Tissa and teamtissa. This may seem like a fan post for Tissa, but honestly I have yet to see a leader in the online network business industry that go as far as Tissa does for his teammates. If you know of any I would like to hear about it in the comment box below

The Team:

If you have a great leader you can see it transform into the rest of the team. The team seem to become like a family that helps and support each other, rather than being selfish and only care about their own business, even though they are competitors.

I was part of the first team Tissa build online for APS (Acme People Search) back in 2008. That team turned into a online family of online marketers that gave support and shared what ever knowledge and experience they had with each other, not carrying one bit if another team mate gained more than they did from it. Thats true teamwork folks. Today I know a lot of these team members that have had their online breakthrough and succees because they where part of that team, myself included. Team Tissa is going to do the same thing.

Whats in it for you to be part of teamtissa. Well it would almost be easier to say whats not in it, but here it goes:

TeamTissa builds Empower Network where you make 100% commissions – nothing beats 100% commissions.

Team Tissa

You get all this:

YOUR link will be included in a rotator and send to Tissa Godavitarnes list of 482,000+ double optins.
Not only that Team Tissa members pay it forward by sending paid traffic to the rotator, benefiting ALL Team Tissa Members. NO OTHER TEAM DO THIS.

So if you still do not have list yourself, its been taking care of.

All YOUR leads and prospects will  get follow up messages from Tissa.
So if you do not have a autoresponder its been taking care of.

The follow up messages is written for you.
So if you do not know what to write to your leads its been taking care of.

You get Dublicator that lets you promote Tissa`s webcasts on Facebook with YOUR link.
So if you are not comftable having your own webcast telling about the business, its been taking care of. Tissa does it and you get the signups.

You get access to a secret team tissa group on Facebook, where you can see for yourself what I said above about the perfect team is true.

And of course Tissa being totally transparent you will be able to see everything that goes on behind the scene.

And all of this is not going to cost you a penny. Now how many leaders would do all that for free?

If you would like to learn more about TeamTissa go here and watch this short webcast where Tissa explain it himself.

Go here to join Team Tissa.


Team Tissa


Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions about Team Tissa and Empower Network.


Kirsten Faucette Team Tissa

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