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Do you have a list? – How To Earn Affiliate Commissions From Your List

How To Earn Affiliate Commissions From Your List

I know you heard it before ” you need to build a list” “the money is in the list”
you have heard it so many times it almost make you want to puke right?

BUT its true, the money really is in the list. Infact you can assume that
every member of your list is worth $1/month. So if you have a list of
a 1000 members thats $1000 a month, 2000 members $2000 ect.

There are tons of list builders out there some better than others.

The one I have found to be the best, the one that I use is the 5dayfortune
list builder for several reasons:

1. Its absolutly free
2. It comes with several follow up messages, so you do not have to write them yourself.
3. It builds you a nice income in one of the best online programs ever, GVO`S Host Then Profit
( if you are already in GVO you need to create a new account and use a different email
address and just keep the GVO account you already have = 2 income streams)
4. Very easy to set up using GVOs autoresponder. Just follow the instructions

Here you go, start building that all important list and earn affiliate commissions from HTP/GVO  TODAY

5 day fortune

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