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How to get those affiliate commissions from Clickbank ect.






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As an affiliate marketer you will want to find those untapped yet highly searched niches to earn some great commsions from Clickbank and other CPA networks.

I’ve been using a new keyword research, niche finder tool called “Niche Finder”
for the past several weeks, and let me just say I’ve been waiting a LONG time
for someone to finally create a simple keyword program that would allow me to:

1. enter a keyword
2. have related words returned
3. show me whether or not the keyword is easy, moderate, or difficult to rank in Google
4. show me which of the words would make me the money cash, should I rank highly
5. and allow me to generate long tail words based on the “good” words I found

Now, I know what you’re thinking… It seems like these are “no brainer” features in a
keyword tool. And really, they are. But the problem is that while there are a TON of
keyword tools out there, none of them did ONLY this.

The ones that did “somewhat” do this, had so much other junk cluttering the tool up,
wasting hours of my time clicking, clicking, and clicking some more to get the info I
really needed.
“What keyword is going to be easy to rank in Google” (i.e. get me traffic fast)
“What keyword is going to send BUYER traffic”

Well, FINALLY somebody has created the perfect niche finding tool. It’s does
exactly what I need, and I can personally guarantee you that it does what YOU


I won’t hype it up, because this tool is not about hype. It’s about being a practical
tool that just flat out works and does what WE need done.

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Be a successful niche finder

Be a successful niche finder

The formula has been around for a long time. You find a sub niche that doesn’t have too much competition, then you put up some content and build a few back links to your site. Then you simply add affiliate links and watch your commissions roll in. To make this work you need to start with decent keyword research. Start by entering your major niche keyword into the Google External Keyword tool. If you open up a Google Adwords account before you do this, they will feed you more keyword possibilities. Examine all these for traffic (more is better here) and competition (more is definitely NOT better here). You can save time by eliminating the keywords that don’t seem to have any commercial value. Try to figure out whether a person searching on a particular keyword is likely to be ready to buy. If they are not far enough along in their search for knowledge or a particular product it will be much harder to convert them from visitor to buyer.

Once you get the person to visit your site, all the standard rules of marketing apply. You need a Unique Selling Proposition. You need a call to action and an incentive to act now. You can help your cause enormously if you have testimonials on your site. The two best kinds are ones that link to someone’s Facebook page and videos. The first is hard to fake and proves that your endorser is a real person. A video has a reality to it that the printed word just doesn’t. Anyone can fake a printed testimonial, but when you see someone endorsing a product in a video, you know that there is at least one real person who likes the product.

Keyword research is inherently tedious, but there are a few very fine tools on the market that vastly speed up the process. Some of them are available in free versions with less functionality, or come with a free trial. Try them out and see if they help you. As there are many people looking for the perfect micro niche it is important to be creative. You can start by working your way through the list of the 5 major internet product areas. They are: dating and relationships,make money on line,remedies for physical problems, financial products such as credit cards,and information products on anything not included in the previous areas, for example plans for woodworking projects. The last one probably has more room for new marketers as many of the micro niches in the first four already have a lot of competition. There are also niches for adult products but most new marketers should stay away from them as many of the IPs will ban you, you will have a harder time getting your e-mails through to potential prospects and marketing adult products carries certain legal risks. If you don’t have a substantial budget for legal fees this is probably not a niche you should explore.

Besides starting your search with the standard major internet product areas, you should examine your own background. Look at all your past and present hobbies and jobs. If you have specialized knowledge it will help you greatly. Think outside the box!



Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder – Keyword Research

Are you wanting to learn how to earn money from untapped markets? Micro niche finder is one of the easiest ways to find these tiny little micro niches that are going to be easy to make money in. You may know that getting into giant markets such as weight loss is just going to be futile, because these are so competitive that your time and effort is better spent else where.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of making money online. You need to find those keywords that are easy to rank for and are low hanging fruit as they are called.

Using free keyword research tools such as Google Adwords you just will not get the results that you want because it will not drill down deep enough into the market. So if you are looking to get a lot done with your keyword research tool, this is the one for you.

Micro niche finder is one of the best tools to help you accomplish this goal. If you have ever tried doing key word research then you know that it can take for ever to find these. But by using micro niche finder you can save so much time. If you can build up a mini empire of these websites that are each based around these small little keywords, you will have a nice income coming in day after day.

Keyword research is really a step in internet marketing that will either make or break you. If you try to go after a keyword that is too competitive, you will find that all of your time and effort is spent in vain. But if you go after a keyword that is easy to rank for, you will have passive profits coming in day after day in a relatively short time period.

So what are some of the benefits of micro niche finder, and how can you use it to increase your productivity by 10 times?

Well one of the best features of it, is it allows you to set your own settings and then mine for keywords that you want. One of the ways to do that is by setting your competition levels low. This means that micro niche finder will not try to find any thing under the set amount of competition level that you set it for.

Another useful benefit is that you can use it to really drill down deep into a certain market. So say you really want to target fat loss, you probably will not rank for the term “fat loss.” But don’t you think that you could rank for say, “fat loss for 13 year olds,” or something along those lines?

That is the basic premise of Micro niche finder and how it can help you. Use it to build websites for adsense, clickbank, amazon or any other number of affiliate programs. All in all micro niche finder is a great tool to use, so pick it up today, you will not regret it!


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