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Affiliate Commission – How?

Affiliate commission, it seems like a such a mystery to most people setting up their websites
or wondering about what kind of business they can start online.  The reality is though that becoming an affiliate and making money through affiliate commission offers is probably the easiest, and least expensive ways to start making money online.

Just what is an affiliate program and how do you earn affiliate commission with one?  It’s actually really easy.  First of all, an affiliate program is sort of like a commission sales setup.  Companies big and small have affiliate programs setup to entice affiliates to promote their products or services on the internet.  You setup your website, talk about the products you’re currently promoting, and when a customer clicks on your special link, they are taken to the vendors website where they complete their purchase.  When they buy, you get a cut of the action.  The amount varies from company to company, but most often you can expect to earn anywhere from 8% right up to 50% of the total sale price of the item you’re promoting.   A common way to promote products as an affiliate is to write reviews of certain products or service.  You try them, like them, and then you write your own review of the offer.  Let customers know what you think, how it works, why you bought it, and most important – why they need to buy it as well.

The best way to do this online is to create a mini site, or a website that is geared towards, and all about, a little niche.  Whether its a product or a service, you can pick a niche that has a decent amount of people looking for solutions in, and then review products or services in that niche.  If you give an honest, unbiased review or write up, people will trust you, and when they’ve decided on the product or niche, they’ll go through you to get it.  I’ve even found that when I review a service, and my review isn’t biased, lists the cons just as prominently as the pros, I still make affiliate sales and get my affiliate commission.  People appreciate honesty, and they also realize that what may not have been something I like, might still be exactly what they are looking for.

There are literally thousands of different affiliate commission opportunities on the web.  Some of the biggest online brands have them.  eBay for example has their own affiliate program,
where you can get paid just by sending people to the biggest auction site on the internet.  Amazon offers an affiliate program too, for all of their products and all of their categories.

The best way to take advantage of earning an affiliate commission from Amazon is through product reviews.  As I mentioned earlier, setting up a site that focuses on a specific category of products, a niche site, is the best way to really jump start your affiliate commission journey, and enabling you to earning additional income through affiliate marketing.

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