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How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging – The Easy Way

Can you really make money blogging? The short answer is yes and I am going to show you exactly how I am doing it the easy way.

First of all get a blog, either a Word Press blog that you host on your own domain or even better, get Empower Networks new blogging system Blog Beast. For just $25/mo you get access to a pre-built blog (Blog Beast) on a Top 200 Alexa domain (high authority site). That alone gives you a HUGE head start at getting a top ranking in Google.

For just $25/mo!!!

Make money blogging is so easy with Blog Beast, because with Blog Beast you can blog directly from your phone. You can even shoot a video with your phone and with a few clicks its on your blog. Blog Beast is far easier to use than Word Press, plus you will benefit from Empower Networks high Alexa rank. Its a Perfect blogging platform for any business on line or off line. You can get the Blog Beast by clicking the banner below.

Make Money Blogging


After you have set up your new Blog Beast blog, you need to ad Google Analytics, so you can see where your traffic is coming from and how users interact with your blog.

Now you are ready to start blogging about your business. If you want a lot of traffic you need to ad quality content DAILY. Thats how you get ranked high in Google, which means traffic and enough traffic means sales. Now writing good content daily is very time consuming, so you could outsource it and pay a good writer anywhere from $5 and up for every good article. OR you can do it the easy way and far less exspensive way.

This is how I make money blogging – the easy way.

I write my own articles when ever I have time for it. The other days I let this tool do it for me. This tool is created by my good friend and SEO expert Terje Sannarnes. The tool ads copy Scape proof content to my blog with a click of a few buttons. It is very easy to use and the quality of the articles are great. It will improve your Alexa rank almost imidiately and Google will love you :)


Here is a test I did with this tool called the En Auto Submitter and the test I did is actually on the blog you are on right now. This blog I had since 2009 and at some point it was ranked in
the top 100000 in Alexa and on the first page of Google. I then neglected it for a long time and it went down hill. The Alexa rank was 3.1 million and it dissapired from the first page of Google too.

In September 2013 I updated some of the content and I started to use the Auto Submitter and here is what happend:

September 27th.




October 3 2013




October 19. 2013



November 1st.


UPDATE November 10th from a Alexa rank of 3.1 milion to 303,381 in less than two months using the two tools mentioned in this post. Get them TODAY if you want to make money blogging the easy way.


My first goal is to get a Alexa rank in the top 100000 world wide again and the top 50 in Denmark before January 1st.2014

This is a Word Press blog. The Blog Beast blog is faster to get ranked.

If you want to make money blogging the easy way too, You need to get this tool. Its only $19.95/month. A lot cheaper than it would be to buy say 10 to 15 acticles
at $5 each month and if you get it right here Terje will even let you test it for 3 days for just $1 for a very limited time. So go get it now :) Then blog when ever you have time and let the tool do it all the other days and watch the magic happen. Get the tool here:



If you are like me and want things to happen even faster, then here is another cool little tool, also created by Terje, that will really boost the traffic to your blog. Here is the features of the Power Booster:

The Power Boost Traffic, Power Tool


. Global Traffic Source(really important)
. Increase Your Page Views
. Increase Your Hits

. Reduces Bounce Rate(really important)
. Huge For Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
. Increase Search Engine Rankings
. Adds Further Value To Your Website/Blog Within ALEXA
. Multiple Package Options For More Than 1 Domain
. A Proven Set And Forget System
. Easily Move Up And Down Plans Yourself
. Start Today For ONLY $1(Huge Value)

Thats it, thats how to make money blogging – the easy way.

If you have any questions or comments about how to make money blogging, just use the comment box below


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